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will be holding its annual conference in Tampa, Florida 



March 30-April 2, 2011 • Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida
Tampa Convention Center • 333 South Franklin Street, Tampa, FL  33602

Check back often as updates are forthcoming. http://www.nceca.net/

THEME:  Tidal Forces: The Next Wave will examine and expose the unbroken arc spanning our
deepest traditions and the most contemporary emerging work.  A tidal wave can work to teardown
walls between old and new, while unearthing what is hidden beneath the surface.  We intend to
help artists look beyond what is conventional while remembering the roots of this powerful and
multi-faceted art form.  The 2011 conference will both celebrate the new works being created
while also examining the power of traditional art.

          Lynn Merhige Gallery welcomes NCECA potters

to a fun filled evening. of mixing and mingling with fellow clay enthusiasts. 


                 Orange Blossom Chicken L' Orange
Mahi with Mango Salsa
              Rice Pilaf
               Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable Medley
            Fresh Fruit Salad
            Garden Salad with Dressing
             Key Lime Pie
               Strawberry Shortcake
  Assorted Rolls and Butter
               Coffee & Tea 

         Two Complimentary Cocktails of your choice
        After, Cash Bar will be available. 

Tickets $40 each    RSVP Beginning January 2nd 2011
Lynn Merhige (727) 895-2797    Nancy Maxwell (727) 498-7155 

Dinnerware by the following ceramic artists may be purchased prior to the dinner:

               Wellman-Welsch, Harry & Kim
             Stephanie Schorr
           Brannen Mercer
         Charlie Parker
Teresa Bowen
        Carol Kohnke
        Carla O'Brien 
           Caleb Zouhary  

              Special condiment items by local clay artists
Special Exhibit by renown Penland potters
Cynthia Bringle & Nick Joerling

Title of Show:  The Ever-enders
Exhibition Description:  Self-reflection and reconsidered perceptions.  The sculptors use ceramic and mixed media that expresses their understanding of the world.  The artwork at first impression is guileless or whimsical but then having the affect of a Grimm Brothers' story, the sensation of being both cradled and poked.  The title "Ever-enders" is repurposing of a term from childhood, a bittersweet invitation to be included on the periphery, the role of the observer, standing on the edge of the action, the endless turner of the rope.
Exhibition Dates:  Mar 19- April 9th 2011
Days and Hours Lynn Merhige Gallery will be open during NCECA: 
Tuesday, March 29th 9am - 10pm ~ Dinner 6:30am - 10:00pm ~
Wednesday, March 30th 9am - 5pm
Thursday, March 31st "Special Gallery Walk"  9am - 10pm
Friday, April 1st 11am - 4pm
Artists:  Pattie Chalmers, Benjie Heu, Carmela Laganse
     Lynn Merhige 
     Venue Name  Lynn Merhige Gallery
     Address 216 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
     Website www.lynnmergallery.com
     E mail address lynn@lynnmergallery.com
     Phone # 727-895-2797 cell# 727-409-4871


Artist: Pattie Chalmers
Title: Constant Tapping (2008)
Description: Constant Tapping, Honey Sandwiches, magpie men, bad boys, Fibber Fox, Nancy, Mr.
Disappointment, the Grackle’s song, campfire honey sandwiches, clay, plexiglass, bread, glitter, wood,
paint, sand, waxed paper, Armstrong tiles, 3’7”x17’x2’, 2007+8
Clay Type: Earthenware, Other
Firing Method: Oxidation, Luster/Decal, Mixed Media, Lowfire
Size: 3'7" x 17' x 2'

                                                                                                         detail close up

Artist: Carmela Laganse
Title: A Number of Strong Applicants (2008)
Description: A Number of Strong Applicants, clay, vinyl, pompoms, 3’7”x2’5”x2’5”, 2008
Clay Type: Porcelain, Other
Firing Method: Reduction, Luster/Decal, Mixed Media, Highfire
Size: 3'7" x 2'5" x 2'5"


Benjie Heu   Pockets #3

Translating oral narrative into a visual narrative not only
reveals the significance of the story but it teaches me about myself and extends that
revealing and teaching devise to the viewer.

Lynn Merhige Gallery
216 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701  Phone # 727-895-2797
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